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The perfect callback

Tags: ios, network, threading, ui, background

UIAlertController, oh my....

Tags: ios, ui, modal, custom

How far could you go using CloudKit?

Tags: ios, cloudkit, api, sync

Driving UI using Core Data

Tags: ios, ui, core data

Feeding pins to map

Tags: ios, map, pins, core data, poi

One shared instance to rule them all

Tags: ios, programming, injection

Theming SpriteKit

Tags: ios, spritekit

In the shadow of SpriteKit

Tags: ios, spritekit, uikit, appkit

No profile left behind

Tags: ios, programming, design

No dependencies library

Tags: ios, swift, dependency, design, library, programming

Making 'Find movies to watch'

Tags: app, movies, iOS, tvOS, tmdb, itunes, iCloud

Continue delivering using Xcode8 beta

Tags: swift, xcode, beta, wwdc

FastImageCache and no fun

Tags: ios, fastimagecache, gotcha

Floating annotations

Tags: ios, map, annotation, mapkit

Automated mogenerator execution

Tags: ios, core data, mogenerator

Making Core Data usage saner

Tags: ios, core data

Blast from the past

Tags: j2me

Starting new project - Wesnoth skirmishes

Tags: ios, wesnoth, and cocos2d

iPhone and CellID

Tags: ios and cellid

Eclipse with preprocessing

Tags: j2me and eclipse

J2MEDB version 0.2.0 has been released

Tags: j2me and j2medb

J2MEDB - version 0.1.0

Tags: j2medb and j2me

MIDlet localization done right

Tags: j2me

How I made a backup from public wiki

Tags: other and ruby

A library repository for midlet-builder

Tags: other

Midlet-engine - J2ME on Rails?

Tags: j2me


Tags: ruby and j2me

Choosing the license

Tags: other

The start of JaanusSiim

Tags: jaanussiim