How I made a backup from public wiki


Lately the J2ME forums wiki has been under constant spam attacks. As the owner of the forum seems to be rather busy, to implement some spam protection, there was an idea to create a backup from the data in wiki before spam. I have no access to the wiki server, so I had to use other means available. Hpricot to rescue.

Know the enemy

To me it looked like there is no way to be sure, if site contains spam or not. Some users experimented with adding spam links into hidden div in hopes that spam robot will be fooled. But it had no effects. So we may have spam links on all pages. There was also no 100% sure way to know, when spam posts started, so I opted for full backup of the wiki.

So I needed a history for all discovered pages. In MediaWiki the pages history is available using address:


As I had no idea how many pages there were in history I had to add parameters


to the url. As default I would have gotten


From history page I searched links for every available revision for the page. Armed with this knowledge I could scan every revision of the page, search for additional internal links, and save page content.

The code

Can be downloaded from s3 bucket

I created a Parser object, that will be initialized with the wiki url. After that You just call the


method and it will start making backups of the wiki pages. Saving these into ‘data’ directory. All saved pages will have modification date in their name.

The result

After 10 hours of running and 3GB data transferred I had 850 MB of knowledge in ‘data’ directory. Probably a lot of it is also spam. The next step should be converting these pages automatically to DocuWiki format and removing spam. At the moment I will probably create clean pages by hand and look at it later.

I also tried to use urls blacklist from but in my experiments it turned out to be rather useless. The latest urls were not listed there… In the end it actually did not make any difference. I just made a dump of data on the page.

Was it worth it - for me definitely. I added my url as user agent in request and until now nobody from J2ME forums has also complained.

Lessons learned

Hpricot made the task a lot easier. I must admit, that I had some small problems with it at first… But it got better.

In the parser, there is also one redundant step. There is no point for getting internal links from actual history page. This data is also available on edit page, that will be visited anyways… If this step would be removed, then the parser could have completed the backup in 50% less time transferring 50% less data. Too bad I realized that next morning, when script was already running.

And the revelation today - I need to start commenting my code better. You never know, when it will get published.

Anyway - have fun! Now I’m going back to mobile development.

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