Starting new project - Wesnoth skirmishes

There is a plan. The plan is to push out multiple small projects to improve my portfolio and increase my street cred. Goal of the plan - become freelance and spend some years chilling in Italy. Because this is the place where best things in the world come from - pizza, pasta and Ferrari! During execution of the plan it would be great to do something fun and also learn something new.

For years I have tought about making my own version of Battleship. Some years ago I also completed a prototype of it in J2ME. It was called ‘Pillow Fight’ and was using some prototype code and characters from Habbo hotels. Unfortunately I never showed it to anyone.

Now is the perfect time to make this really happen on iPhone. For years I have enjoyed playing The Battle For Wesnoth and as it’s licensed under GPL, resources from it would be ideal for a small fun game. When I mix in learning Cocos2D then all the preconditions for fun time and skills increase are met!

The idea is to start with only a simple Battleship clone, but in time add some more variations and Wesnoth specific features/elements to it. In the future the game could be more then just a simple hit and miss game. It could make use of different landscapes and character skills. Maybe also some story mode could be added…

Tags: ios, wesnoth, and cocos2d