Choosing the license

When I first read the article about licenses on Coding Horror, I had no idea what was really waiting for me.

The idea was simple - I needed to have an option for using the code also in closed source commercial projects. At the same time I needed something open enough for others to contribute. I must say, that choosing the license was really not fun. And I got an headache :) For me the Apache v2 looked good enough. At least it seemed to respond to my requirements.

Of course I got a bit more confused, when I was reading the discussion of using LGPL licensed code in Apache code. I found in my framework one piece of code, that was under LGPL. It is MD5 generation in midlet-engine. At the moment I have really no idea how LGPL is going to mix with Apache license. To my understandings, it should be OK :) If you have other opinions, then, please, let me know.

I really hope, that I do not have to come back to the license again…

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