J2MEDB - version 0.1.0

After playing with the idea really long time, initial version of J2MEDB is up and running on www.J2MEHandsets.com

The Idea

The idea for my own database came from dissatisfaction with other databases available at that time. There were databases, that had a lot of useful data, but were a bit too generic. For example they listed all available sound formats, but did not mention, which protocols supported these. There were also databases, that were just filled from official specs, even if Java implementation did not support it.

At some point I would like to add database support to midlet-builder. In theory it should be possible to just tell midlet-builder to generate build for all handsets contained in database. And if midlet-engine implementation is also mature enough, it could really happen.

Current implementation

In current implementation I have mostly focused on data upload and simple data display. I feel, that I could have made it a bit better, but wanned to have some initial feedback. And also see, what kind of data could I expect. And where might the bottlenecks be.

At the moment SonyEricsson and Nokia support should be decent, but I did not have any other devices available during development – so, you may never know…

Future plans

  • Make it more prettier :)
  • Add some kind of simple screening support. At the moment all devices will be added in ‘pending for approval’ status.
  • Improve handset detection on midlet/server

Tags: j2medb and j2me