A library repository for midlet-builder

One feature for midlet-builder would be dynamic jars selection for source compilation. The selection would be handled based on supported device properties. This should, in theory, add additional security level, that the compiled code is also suitable for the device. You could immediately see, if you are using classes from unsupported packages.

First of all I need a cheap location for the repository. And at the moment Amazon’s S3 looks like a perfect solution. It is lacking possibility for browsing, but I’m sure there are ways around it.

After playing a bit with S3 I have one tip for you - go straight to s3sync. In my opinion the fastest way to test S3. I started experimenting with Ruby code. And it was really not going anywhere… But it was my problem - some times I just can’t stand, if something is holding me back from working on my ideas.

Anyhow - the tough part will be dependency handling. At the moment I’m leaning towards using Ivy for it. It could be used as standalone from command line. What I do not like about it is, that it will create additional dependency inside midlet-builder. Already I’m relying on too many external programs, that can’t be configured.

As another solution I should check dependency handling in Raven. If I only found some time for it…

And of course midlet-bulder could also handle the dependency resolving. As I figure - it does not have to me something fancy… Just some dirty version comparing and http requests… But at the moment it should be really low priority… I have more important issues to resolve.

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