The start of JaanusSiim

What is or will be JaanusSiim?

My name is Jaanus Siim and this is where I will be showing my ideas and projects. The motivation for this project would be some peer pressure - to keep me focused on most essential issues with the problems I am facing. I’m hoping to give something useful to others and also learn something new. My main interests at the moment are Ruby, J2ME and RoR development. I will be releasing everything open source. Hoping to get some contributions, new ideas and tips how to improve myself and my code :) At the moment it will be a part time project, but I am very optimistic about making it some day my main work. At least I can achieve some J2ME/Ruby skill points. And maybe get my name out there.

“And so it begins” - Kosh - Babylon 5

PS! Special thanks to Helen. I’m not sure if I would ever started it without her positive attitude :)

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