The idea

First project by me will be midlet-builder. It is loosely based on idea of J2MEPolish.

For some unknown reason J2MEPolish stopped working for me. Previously working builds were no longer generated. Also I was a bit unsatisfied by their database, but that issue will be addressed by another project. So, after a week of banging my head on the table, I gave up. I dropped it and started to work on my own version for a builder.

Initial version of midlet-builder was created in Java and during my ‘day time’ work. I started a personal version in Ruby after reading some articles about learning a new programming language every year. At first I was thinking about learning Lisp, but decided to go with Ruby. Maybe also a bit because of Ruby on Rails.

At the moment the codes is really terrible and I have not used Ruby to it’s full potential. I have a feeling, that I have done everything the same way, as I would have done in Java. Only in different language.


At the moment midlet-builder handles:

  • source files preprocessing
  • localization handling
  • resource files copying
  • source files compiling
  • preverification
  • obfuscation
  • packaging of MIDlets

What it’s lacks is flexibility. It does everything the way I like it and how I have pictured it. I am hoping, with more input, to create a more flexible product.

Future ideas

At the moment the ideas I am playing with:

  • applet generation (for demo purposes)
  • more device specific preprocessing options
  • configuration of different obfuscators
  • resource files processing based on target device
  • different packaging options (test for best option)
  • device information from configurable locations (text files, database, etc)

I have a feeling, that this is only a beginning. Hoping to hear ideas from You also.

Tags: ruby and j2me